Advantages of donating your car

In most circumstances, the majority of people who are hoping to get rid of an old car jump to the conclusion that selling it is the best option- donating the car to charity probably doesn’t even cross their minds! But, despite the strong incentive of making some money back by selling the car, there are a lot of advantages surrounding donating it instead.

Tax benefits

For a lot of people, donating a car leads to a tax break. Your car could possibly be tax deductible, if acting in the right circumstances. There are a certain number of conditions that must be met to insure that tax deduction can occur, and perhaps the most important condition is that you must be eligible to receive a tax deduction. Alongside this, the charity you are donating the car too much be registered; usually these are educational, religious or charitable organisations.

No expenditure on advertising

When selling your car, the most difficult part is often garnering interest for the vehicle at all. More often than not, people spend ridiculous amounts of money on advertising the sale of the car in the hopes of acquiring potential buyers. When you take the initiative to donate your car instead, you simply choose the charity yourself- no need for unnecessary and expensive advertising whatsoever!

A stress-free procedure

As well as being inexpensive for you, donating a car is simple. All you have to do it take the car to the charity, and they do all the rest. No stress of advertising or contractual agreements with buyers means your well-being remains intact.

A feel-good feeling

Nobody can deny that rush of warmth you feel when you do something good, and this would be no exception. Donating your car to a charity can make you feel better about yourself for a while, as you think about all the people you are possibly helping with your act of goodwill. If karma exists, it won’t be coming for you! Make a difference to your local or national community by donating your unwanted car today.