Charities Which Accept Car Donations

If you have an old car in working or even non-working condition there are a few charities which will accept your vehicle as a donation. If you wish to ensure that your car gives your charity the maximum benefit it is recommended that you go straight to the charity rather than a ‘for profit’ intermediary which may advertise to come and get the car for you.The Give a Car program is an indirect donation program, however it allows you to donate your car keep half of the profit should you wish, giving the charity the other half. You can also donate all of the money to charity through this program. This offers you the chance to get some money back from your original investment in your car, especially if it is a newer model but for some reason must be junked.Direct charities accepting donations of cars include the British Heart Foundation, Young Minds, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Trees for Cities and WaterAid. There is a fairly comprehensive list of partner charities for Give a Car.Some of the partner charities for Give a Car include NSPCC, Trees for Life, Nowzad Dogs Charity, Open Arms Malawi and still more charities accepting car donations can be found online here.

Jefferey Smitham