How to Find a Charity that Accepts Car Donations

If you have an old car at home that is simply gathering dust, donating it to charity can make a big difference. However, not all charities accept car donations, as they have to pay costs to process and resell the car. Here are a few charities that do accept car donations and how they use the donation to help other people.


People of the Protection of Animals have a special system that accepts cars for donation. PETA then auctions these vehicles and uses the money to help support their various animal welfare campaigns. For people who have a love for animals, donating an old vehicle to PETA may be the best option.


Oxfam has been running a special car donation programme since 2006 and has received hundreds of cars for sale and auction. The charity provides donators with all the information they need to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. Because Oxfam is a long established charity, donators can be sure that their car will be put to good use.

Give a Car

As the name suggests, this charity was specially established to accept car donations. Give a Car has received and auctioned more than eight thousand vehicles since it was launched back in 2010 and they work closely with a large number of charities throughout the United Kingdom to make sure that the money from these auctions goes where it is needed most. People who donate can also specify which charity they would like the money to go to.

Alzheimer’s Society

This charity works with Give a Car and vehicle donations can be made directly to them to ensure that the money goes to treating Alzheimer’s patients. The charity has raised more than £12,000 so far through the donations of used cars and other vehicles, which is used to help care for sufferers and fund medical research programmes that could help to put a stop to the disease in the future.

Jefferey Smitham